• Wind Energy- Alternative energy generation is growing at a rapid pace.  General Sealants™ realized the importance of alternative energy sources and worked with wind blade manufactures to produce a new vacuum bag sealant which is currently being used by many of today’s top wind blade manufacturers.   General Sealants™ works hand in hand with many wind blade manufacturers to help produce some of the latest, cutting-edge light weight composite wind blades, used to generate wind energy.
  • Reducing Pollution - General Sealants™ world renowned line of vacuum bag sealants have been used for years by many leading aircraft manufacturers throughout the world. Now, more than ever before, these top aircraft manufacturers depend on General Sealants™.  Our products help in their continuing manufacturing efforts to lighten their aircrafts, using today’s high tech composite materials. The result is a reduction of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and nitrogen oxides (NOx ) from fuel pollution that enter our atmosphere each year. 
  • Inside Recycling- All corrugated materials, pallets, office supplies, and bi-products are continuously recycled at General Sealants™ facilities.
  • Solar Energy- Our products are used in the manufacturing and installation of solar panels around the world. The energy generated from these solar panels is renewable, sustainable, and does not release carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, or other pollutants into the atmosphere, like many traditional forms of electrical generation.
  • General Sealants™ Green future- Our goal is to continue to make General Sealants™, our facilities, and our products as Green as possible. General Sealants™ hopes that our efforts together with the help of other great companies, can help make the world a better place to live.