More than 45 years ago, my father, Clyde “Bud” Boyle, helped pioneer a new product that would be the mainstay of his company. The year was 1964 and the product was extruded sealants. That same year, he founded General Sealants™, and got to work. Soon the moldable, sticky solid that stayed in place became widely available. Customers could order it in pre-formed tape or beads, and in sizes and stickiness designed for specific jobs.

Our company’s sealants soon came to be recognized and valued in the pipeline and construction industries as time and work-saving innovations. As the market grew, so did our company. When the aerospace and composite industries sought a solution to problems of composite part production requiring sealants that could withstand autoclaving without losing viscosity, General Sealants™ found the solution.

Our technicians developed an extruded sealant that cured at specific temperatures and could be stripped clean from the die. General Sealants™ today continues to innovate in all of its product lines, recently developing a vacuum bag sealant that can withstand temperatures approaching 800° F.

Always true to my Dad’s original innovative vision, we continuously push the limits in sealant and adhesive technology, designing techniques to meet the increasingly challenging requirements of diverse clients in a number of industries. We operate with a cutting-edge, research-focused approach and a global outlook. At the same time, as always, quality is our number-one priority, ensuring our clients receive consistent formulas and the highest product quality.

As a major force in the sealant market for more than 45 years, General Sealants™ delivers a wide range of butyl sealant tapes and specialized adhesives, along with the largest line of extruded sealants available. Our clients quickly learn why we say, “Stick to Quality™!”

President & CEO
Brad Boyle