bullet GS™ Labs

In many companies that have a research and development component, the laboratory is tucked away somewhere in the back of the plant. At General Sealants™, the lab’s importance as the heart of our business is emphasized by its location - right up front with management and marketing. The lab is where the excitement is created in our company - where new custom solutions and innovations are always taking place, breaking new ground in our industry.

More than 40 years of research in the chemistry, production and testing of extruded sealants has built a wealth of in-house knowledge and expertise unsurpassed in our industry.

Our knowledge drives us to constantly modify existing products and develop new ones to make our customers’ use of sealants more effective and time-saving. This expertise allows us to work effectively with clients who have very specific requirements for their use of sealants.

Since our first sale more than 40 years ago, our success has been built on a solid reputation for high-quality products and exceptional service. Clients stick with General Sealants™ because they know our formulations are consistent and rock-solid. Our quality and systems-focused approach result in unmatched products and service that keep them coming back.

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